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Fighting Back Against Attacks On Climate Science

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Look Into The Crystal Ball: What's Next For Offshore Wind In NY

Offshore Wind In NY: What's Next?

18 September 2017

As the cost of producing wind turbines plunged 35% over the last decade we convened industry leaders, advocates, policy makers and project opponents to examine prospects for the northeast.

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Underwriting Energy Efficiency

Underwriting Energy Efficiency Discussion & Lender Handbook Launch

17 May 2017

An expert panel discussion on the benefits of integrating energy and water efficiency into the multifamily mortgage lending process and its direct positive impact on lenders, owners, residents, and the community at large.

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Come Hell or High Water

Ensuring Urban Resilience: Come Hell Or High Water

22 Sept. 2016

NYC must become climate-resilient. Megacities must give high priority to advancing the emerging capacities to foster and make the most of new approaches to climate risk management.

In recognition of the need for ingenuity and innovation at every scale, to advance a secure urban future, the "Come Hell or High Water" panel was organized to examine how NYC and Hoboken, NJ are working to effectively and efficiently adapt to the consequences of climate change and build resilience.

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Benchmarking Brain Trust

Benchmarking Brain Trust

24 Sept. 2015

Building Energy Benchmarking mandate New York City's landmark Local Law 84 ought to be a power tool for helping to realize Mayor de Blasio's goal of cutting our carbon footprint 80% by 2050.

Are these high hopes being fulfilled? Our Benchmarking Brain Trust will tackle this question along with its policy and practical implications.

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Smart Money for Sustainable Cities

Smart Money for Sustainable Cities

5 May 2015

During a two panel discussion experts on today's leading edges of green financing gave us a jump start on the latest developments in renewable energy and efficiency projects at several scales.

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There'll Be Some Changes Made

There'll Be Some Changes Made

9 Sept. 2014

We are witnessing the realignment of New York's and the nation's energy system and its regulatory framework for a carbon constrained world in the face of disruptive technologies, new financial practices and novel user demands at the grid edge.

In short, a business-as-usual model is no longer a viable option for the utility industry.

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How Benchmarking Knowledge Saves Power Panel

How Benchmarking Knowledge Saves Power

23 Jan. 2014

How Knowledge Saves Power Panel sponsored by; NYIT, NYLCV, Friends of Benchmarking and Sallan, convened experts who all agree that LL84 may not be perfect but has created positive momentum for change and a bright future for benchmarking.

Michael Bobker, Adam Hinge, Jonathan Flaherty, Ari Frankel and Conor Laver make the case.

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The Urban Energy Revolution

The Urban Energy Revolution

28 Sept. 2012

The Infrastructure Panel sponsored by; NYIT, NYC ACRE, NYLCV, NYECC, Pace Energy & Climate Center and Sallan, considers fast forwarding to a time when cities rely on decentralized systems for heating, cooling and electricity.

Now we know — rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy's devastation means a fundamental rethinking.

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Atlantic Wind Power Panel

Wind Power In NY

21 May 2012

Held at NYIT, the Atlantic Wind Power Panel sponsored by Cleantech Corridor, McCarter & English and the Sallan Foundation, considered New York's prospects for offshore wind energy.

Is Atlantic Wind Energy in Our Future?

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Market Makers

Market Makers Event Two: The New Energy-Efficient Building Toolkit

15 Nov. 2011

Making green history by doing it — learn how New York property owners, tenants and retrofit teams are leading the way toward making energy efficiency the hallmark of big city real-estate and helping Gotham thrive.

Market Makers

Market Makers Event One: Developing & Deploying Energy Efficiency Technology

20 Sept. 2011

An exploration of the emergence and growth of New York City's clean tech sector via case studies on green building advances and efficiency technologies — an Official Event of Climate Week NY°C 2011 — took place at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis: Visions For A Near Future

26 April 2011

Now, we must accelerate our pace — in understanding and rethinking city functions — to reinvent the metropolis.

In this final forum of our series, panelists explored how New York will be challenged and may be transformed by emerging trends.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis: Revolution Is No Joke

2 Feb. 2011

A Banker, A Lawyer & An Underwriter Walk Into A Bar — our 3rd event of a 4-part series got serious about developing the means to assign monetary value to high performance properties, tracking and comparing their performance as well as tackling thorny issues of code enforcement and LEEDigation.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis: Making it Happen

30 Nov. 2010

Our second event of a four part series on high performance building in New York City zeroed in on public policy developments, private sector innovation and how they have intersected over the last half-decade.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis: The Big Picture

28 Oct. 2010

Our sold-out first event at the AIA New York Center for Architecture conveyed the Big Picture — a wide-angle view of what has been achieved, what's been learned and what's next for New York City's revolution in high performance building.

Climate Change Adaptation In and Around NYC

Get Past the Past: Climate Change Adaptation In & Around NYC

23 Sept. 2010

Presented as a part of Climate Week NY°C in partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences, the Sallan Foundation co-sponsored a panel discussion to find out how experts think through complex climate adaptation issues — some of which are well beyond the realm of past experience — and how decisions about adaptation are being made.

Smart Grid Event NYU Wagner

Smart Grid For Smart Cities

3 Feb. 2010

The US faces a four-part crisis: climate change and rising emissions linked to energy consumption; volatile energy prices and affordability; energy security; and electric power reliability in the face of spiraling demand.

Smart Grid For Smart Cities, a conference held at NYU Wagner, plugged into the potential for power system solutions at the urban scale.

Legally Green Event at The Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute, Baruch College, CUNY

Getting Legally Greener

3 Dec. 2009

Building operations produce 79% of NYC's carbon footprint and the time has come for that to change. Anticipating passage of New York City's greener, greater building legislation, Legally Green, a Sustainability Shoptalk Event presented by the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute, Baruch College, CUNY and Sallan, assembled a team of energy efficiency all-stars.

Speakers looked down the road toward complying with the new laws and then beyond compliance to achieving an energy efficient competitive edge.

Jerry M. Hultin, President

Accelerating Climate Solutions

22 Sept. 2009

New York's Climate Week, took place just 70 days before COP15. NYU-Poly's ACRE incubator hosted "New York City's Built Environment: Opportunity, Incentives and the Carbon Challenge".

Sallan's Executive Director, Nancy Anderson identifies the contribution to a greener built environment to be made by measuring and verifying the performance of innovative energy efficiency projects.

Kilowatts to Cash Event at The Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute, Baruch College, CUNY

Kilowatts to Cash

5 June 2009

CUNY's Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute attracted early adopters who want to cut energy costs, get ahead of the compliance curve, benefit their bottom line, and help reduce our city's carbon footprint. The Third Sustainability Shoptalk Event, "Turning Kilowatts to Cash", shows the way forward.

Amy Eddings interviews Chris Benedict, R.A

Glass Buildings: Iconic Or Ironic?

3 March 2009

The vitreous high-rise tower is an icon of contemporary urban architecture. From a sustainability perspective, however, building experts and climate advocates are raising concerns about the energy performance of glassy transparent facades.

New York City is weighing greener building code recommendations as the city —and the world — reconsider the built environment in the face climate change.

Ringo delivers Apollo Alliance message to standing-room-only crowd

The New Apollo Plan, The Economic Stimulus & New York City

2 Feb. 2009

There was standing-room-only at the New York City District Council of Carpenters to hear Jerome Ringo deliver the Apollo Alliance message about how the federal stimulus package can deliver good jobs and a greener NYC.

Nancy Anderson's Closing Remarks at the NYC Bar Association Nuclear Debate

A Nuclear Tomorrow?

22 Oct. 2008

Sallan, the NYC Bar Association's Environment and Energy Committees, and the Environmental Law Institute jointly sponsored a debate on the future of nuclear power in the United States considering the cost and benefits: pros and cons of new plants.

The challenges of global warming, geo-strategic problems of access to fossil fuels and increasing world-wide demand for energy resources have ignited renewed controversy and a new sense of urgency over questions about expanding our reliance on nuclear power plants.

Code Green Event at the AIA

Building a Greener Gotham: Now's the Time

22 Sept. 2008

NYC Building and Energy Code panel discussion about Sallan Foundation commissioned research report, Decoding the Code, and how the hard-won knowledge of building professionals and public policy makers can be harnessed to bring our built environment into the front ranks of climate-smart world-class cities.

Greening Our Built Environment

Greening Our Built Environment: Three Approaches to Cutting NYC's Carbon Footprint

9 June 2008

Learn how City government will lead by example to cut its carbon footprint by thirty percent, find out how Columbia University will match this goal by 2017 and get the low-down on Decoding The Code, a forthcoming Sallan sponsored study that examines the municipal building code's potential for promoting high performance, energy efficient construction and renovation.

James Woolsey at the AJC Energy Symposium

AJC Energy Symposium

19 March 2008

The Sallan Foundation's Nancy Anderson, James Woolsey, former director of the CIA and Carol Murphy, Director of the Alliance for Clean Energy, New York united in calling for an energy policy powerful enough to produce significant cuts in carbon emissions while reducing the vulnerability of the nation's electric power grid.

Should Climate Legislation rely on a Cap and Trade System or a Carbon Tax?

Debating Carbon Strategies at the Bar

13 Nov. 2007

In the three hour public debate on carbon strategies experts tackled the open question whether the most versatile legislative tool for slashing carbon emissions is a cap and trade system or a carbon tax.

Team NY Tackles Climate Change

The Governor's Energy Agenda: Transforming Supply and Demand in New York

5 Nov. 2007

This year's Climate Change Event co-sponsored by Sallan, the NYAS and the New York League of Conservation Voters was held at 7 WTC, the Academy's LEED Gold headquarters.

Executive Director of NYSERDA, Paul Tonko, provided a thorough overview of the Spitzer administration's strategic approach to environmental, energy, and climate change challenges, with a focus on his agency's efforts.

Sallan's Nancy Anderson spoke about the legal design for green building.

Sustainable Design Symposium at The Great Hall of The Cooper Union

25 April 2007

Some of the leading voices from the worlds of public health, law and envoronmental design were brought together by the Sustainability Practice Network and Lena Imamura to take a close look at how sustainable design strategies are being implemented and how they effect us.

Sallan Executive Director Nancy Anderson spoke about the legal design for green building.

Policy Makers Perspective

New York City High Performance Buildings: The Policy Makers' Perspective

6 Dec. 2005

Tom Hanrahan, Dean of Architecture at the Pratt Institute, led a discussion exploring the synergy between building green projects and governance framing the policy context for the transformation of the urban built environment.

The last of four panels, was organized, "Not to promote high performance buildings, but to look at the next step", said Hanrahan.

Architects and Developers

New York City High Performance Buildings: Architects and Developers Speak Out

19 Oct. 2005

Held at the New York Chapter of the AIA Center for Architecture, the third panel in the four-part High Performance Building series, Architects and Developers — the Practice and Challenge of Building Green honed in on how private architecture & design firms, non-profit development, and public administration can begin to work together.


New York City High Performance Buildings: The Clients' Perspective

29 Sept. 2005

The second panel in the series explored three grassroots initiatives in New York City in order to enhance the dialogue among architects, engineers, developers, community groups, and government agencies involved in the burgeoning high performance building movement.

What has worked, what hasn't, and what has been learned from different building projects — implications for what types of marketplace and gov't policy would help.

More Than Green

New York City High Performance Buildings: More Than Green

8 June 2005

The June 8th forum was the first in a series of panels to address high performance buildings. Anticipating the release of a new City policy being developed by the Mayor's Sustainability Task Force, the discussion centered on the contribution of high performance buildings in meeting the report's target of developing 2,600 MW of new electric resources by 2008, including a goal of 675 MW from demand reduction.

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