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February 25, 2020

Connected Crises

Make the connection between rising residential flood insurance costs, cascading mortgage foreclosures + our climate crisis

Trump Threatens NY Transit Infrastructure

Throttle congestion pricing. Cut off 2nd Avenue subway expansion funds. Deny federal support for the Cross Harbor rail tunnel upgrade. See a Trump Administration pattern here?

Powering Up An EV Bus Fleet

What will it take to transform NYC's fleet of 5,700 buses to all electric?

Brooklyn Congressmember : MIA On Climate

Brooklyn Congressmember Hakeem Jeffries urged to become a climate leader +step up on the Green New Deal

February 24, 2020

Quote Of The Day

"The word 'belief' does not belong in climate change stories. You understand a fact, or not. Its factual nature doesn't depend on your belief" - Alex Steffen, Climate futurist, writer, speaker, advisor, dad

Australia: Unprecedented Forest Loss

One-fifth of Australia's forests were lost in the recent bush fires.

A Transportation Thought Experiment

What should replace the collapsing Brooklyn Heights segment of the BQE?

It's Getting Hotter, Faster, TICK, TICK...

The wide scope of the proposed Green New Deal may make it sound utopian—but it may be better to think of it as anti-dystopian. Political will + financial commitment needed, right now

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Must End

Ending decades-long subsidies to the fossil fuel industry would make a real difference for saving the climate

Community Boards Seek Curbside Reforms

Solar Finland

Yes! That's right The sun shines on solar power near the Arctic Circle

February 21, 2020

Gastropods For Greta

If Congestion Pricing's At Risk...

...what is the future for funding big subway system improvements?

Scotland: 'Climate Positive' Gin


BlackRock Sounds Climate Investor Alarm

When BlackRock, a top global investment firm warns of rising climate risks to its industry - not to mention the planet. I t's not alone

Turning Up The Heat On Methane

2 new studies add fuel to the debate about the role of natural gas extraction + permafrost methane emissions in heating the planet

February 20, 2020

Hey Mr. Mayor -- Attention Must Be Paid

Big, Hairy Climate Disruptions

The "overabundance of 'unpriced risk' in the energy market – representing a failure to take into account factors which could have significant impacts on the future value of a business." Translation: The climate crisis could cause super-disruptive economic woes

Another Way To Put A Price On Carbon

NY's electric grid operator, NYISO, proposes putting a price on carbon, linked to the social cost of carbon emissions, in the electricity it buys on the wholesale market

Climate Dog-Bites-Person News

Polling finds climate change + environmental protection are among the most politically polarized issues in the US, but polls don't explain why or how

February 19, 2020

Mapping Climate Opinions

A detailed US map of what Americans think about climate change, climate risk + climate action

NYC Capital Project Tracker

Good news for climate mitigation + resilience project trackers. Soon, New Yorkers will be able to search on-line for costs + progress updates about municipal construction projects

Plastics Recycling - Back From The Dead

New processes + new products could energize a rebirth of plastics' recycling. Fossil fuel opponents unlikely to rejoice

Not Your Grandpa's Texas

Texas is becoming a capital of renewable energy

A Weaker Plastic Bag Ban

NY environmentalists are not happy with the State's rules + regs to carry out its plastic bag ban. Industry groups are unhappy too, but for different reasons

They're Back

Citi E-Bikes return to NYC streets after a redesign, are more on the way?

February 18, 2020

Global Temperature: Still Setting Records