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July 14, 2020

NYC's Green Programs Bleed Out In Budget

NYC's new budget does a hatchet job on environmental programs, including plans to cut car use + expand bus lanes

Greening A Greenwich Village History Map

Explore women's, African American's, social justice + LGBT history of Greenwich Village. Now, suggest map locations for eco-activists + their history

Energy Insecurity Accelerants

Economic devastation caused by the pandemic, combined with summer heat waves, puts people in danger of heat-illness when utilities shut off power due to unpaid bills

Deep Greening

Why work from home when you can work in a climate-smart green office building that's providing extra eco-benefits?

More Mobility For People

July 13, 2020

Mind The Gap

A gap gaping hole on climate change is illustrated in this dialog between an 18 year-old climate activist and a 68 year old GOP Governor

July 11, 2020

Forecast: Sunny And Sweet

What makes a great eco-pair? Solar panels in fields of pollinator friendly plants

July 10, 2020

Paris Climate Agreement: Falling Far Short

Nations falling far short of meeting their Paris climate commitments, upping risk of breaching tolerable temperature increases

AOC Tweets

July 09, 2020

Move Over Cars, Make Way For Bikes

A passionate plea for making NY a biking city + putting cars in the rear view mirror

July 08, 2020

Peak Money

What are 'peaker' power plants + why are New Yorkers paying so much -- in money + environmental health -- to have them run as little as 90 hours a year?

Making History

Science At Work: Snow Melt + Mega-Droughts

Why climate signals worry scientists about snow melt data +and mega-droughts in Colorado

July 07, 2020

Reinventing Our Streets - Paused

A study about how to boost buses + bikes on NYC streets loses out in NYC's pandemic-starved budget

Good News Here

Good climate energy news, more than just one item!