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November 24, 2020

The Persistence Of Big Coal

Basin Electric persists in burning coal to create the electricity it sells to community co-ops in the midwest, even those that want power alternatives

John Kerry: US Climate Envoy

President-elect Biden names John Kerry as his special climate envoy + gives him a seat on the National Security Council

The Arctic: Nothing To Be Thankful For

November 20, 2020

Starchitect to NYC: Get Rid Of Street Parking

A master of designing space, world class architect David Rockwell, sketches out streets that replace parked cars with myriad better urban uses + amenities

Rising On Madison Avenue

Designed with COVID safety + climate consciousness a new office building will emerge from the cocoon of the 20th Century MetLife Building at One Madison Avenue (scroll way down in article)

Climate Science 201: Hurricanes

Scientists delve into identifying climate links to the record-shattering number of hurricanes in 2020

Self-Guided, Green Infrastructure Walking Tour

Put on your mask, use this map, take an Open House NY walking tour

America Now - Poles Apart

A Little Climate Preparedness Can Go A Long Way

Helping businesses to identify climate risks can improve both their physical + financial security

November 19, 2020

Zoning Resilience

Think zoning is a bore? Then take a look at proposed zoning standards, a big first step to keep coastal NYC safe in an era of rising flood risks

Congestion Pricing Prognosis

Despite the promise of cleaner air, better traffic conditions + lots of revenue for NYC, the federal chokehold on congestion pricing isn't likely to be released any time soon

November 18, 2020

Making The Building Grade

Now, just like restaurants' health grades, NYC buildings must publicly display their energy performance letter grade

MoMA: Greening Architectural Design

Will MoMA make sustainability in architecture an A-List item with its new Emilio Ambasz Institute for the Joint Study of the Built + the Natural Environment

Red, Blue And Green

The boom in solar + wind power make a mush of the usual blue state/red state divides

New Alliances

Tesla, Uber + several electric utilities team up to advance their common interest in boosting the EV industry

November 17, 2020

Give A Hoot

Barry, the Central Park owl, is an A-List celebrity in an A-List urban green place