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October 27, 2020

How To Pluck Out America's Eyes

Sandbag Those Inconvenient Truths

Trump's Department of Energy buries dozens of its own clean energy studies

Test, Learn, Repeat

NY's building energy retrofit program has lessons learned by doing for getting affordable, multi-family buildings into tip-top, climate-friendly shape

October 23, 2020

The Sounds Of Lockdown

Hear a different urban soundscape, sometimes lovely, sometimes neutral, sometimes dreadful

EU: Stop Subsidizing Fossil Fuels

The EU wants its member states to stop subsidizing fossil fuels, still totaling billion of euros annually

Better Ways To Measure Urban Climate Footprints

To measure is to manage, an adage taken onboard by scientific improvements in measuring the size of cities' carbon footprints

Progress Report On Urban Climate Action

The Brookings Institute finds lots of lag between the climate promises of 100 largest US cities + progress to date

October 22, 2020

Enough Already With The 2020 Election

Climate advocacy is starting to heat up NYC's 2021 election

NYC: GHG Pollution Spikes

Leuven: Advancing Citizen Climate Engagement

Leuven, Belgium is an EU innovation leader with its program to boost resident engagement in urban decision making, particularly with experiments around reducing greenhouse-gas emissions

Bloomberg's Energy Predicitons

Need some (relatively) good news? Watch this preview of the annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance analysis

Green Library In Greenpoint

Funded in part by settlement of an Exxon pollution case, a new high performance public library + environmental education center opens in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood

Tribute To A Harlem Environmental Hero

Here's why Cecil Corbin-Mark was a Harlem environmental hero to us all

October 21, 2020

Geothermal Energy 101

Ever ask yourself "what is geothermal energy?" Here's the answer

Power To The People

Meet BlocPower, a local company that brings all electric heating + cooling to affordable NYC multi-family buildings


What will our climate future hold if Amy Coney Barrett becomes a Supreme Court Justice?

See Answers To Polling Question 36

How are voters responding to Bidens $2 trillion climate action plan?

Small Nuke Plants Could Replace Coal - Maybe