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September 25, 2020

Tick, Tick, Tick

As temperatures head up + up, dangerous disease-bearing ticks march north

Climate And The Courts: Post-RBG

Key legal decisions + key legal principles that will be in play as federal courts hear the next generation of climate cases

September 24, 2020

Weird Weather's Double Whammy

More heat? Check. More drought? Check.But now, there is more of both together. Uh-oh

McKinsey On The Climate Crisis

"Most of the increase in direct impact from climate hazards to date has come from greater exposure to hazards rather than from increases in the mean and tail intensity of hazards. In the future, hazard intensification will likely assume a greater role."

September 23, 2020

Just Say No, By 2035

By 2035, the sale of news gas-powered cars in California will be banned. But, as climate activists have noted, there is no ban on oil drilling or fracking in the state

Help Wanted: Staff Writer

Earther, an environmental news website nested within Gizmodo, seeks an experienced Staff Writer/Reporter with a critical eye + the ability to ask (and answer) big questions about the climate crisis

The Sustainability Manager We Need Now

What is sustainability management + what can it accomplish?

Sending Out An SOS

September 22, 2020

UN: Leaders' Speeches

Chinese President Ji pledges his nation to reaching carbon neutrality while President Trump goes on about the "Chinese" flu at the opening day session of he UN

California Climate Re-Lo

Weary of California's climate chaos, there's talk of relocation - to destinations far away as Brooklyn

The Marvelous Kate Marvel

" I know that if we continue on our current trajectory, things are going to be real, real bad. But I also know that we can stop that trajectory, we can make things a lot better, not just for the climate, but in all these other ways that are related." Kate Marvel, climate scientist

September 21, 2020

RGB's Environmental Legacy

Justice Ginsburg's Supreme Court record of environmental decisions

For Your Consideration

One Week Only

The Union Square Climate Clock displays the Earth's climate action countdown for 7 days, starting September 21

Planning to Stay

Start with the affirmation, we’re planning to stay. Then, Dr. Mindy Fullilove asks, “What do we need to make that possible?”

No Cars Yet, But No Bikes Either

The 1903 transit options for crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

EV Acceleraion

Non-US electric vehicle sales rise as prices near parity with fossil-fueled vehicles. Are fossil-fuelers worried?