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Sallan Foundation Archived Years

Since opening its doors in 2005, the Sallan Foundation has been dedicated to the mission of improving the urban environment by advancing useful knowledge for greener, high performance and resilient cities. It has worked to meet three goals: foster an informed public that gives priority to high performance urban agendas; cultivate effective advocacy for greener cities: and envision emerging ideas and practices for high performance cities.

Fifteen years on, it has become clear to science, as well as dawning on policy makers and the public, that the impacts of climate change have already started to alter the planet and our lives. This foreshortened timeline means the fuse has been lit for an "existential" level climate crisis and effective, systemic actions must get under way now. We don't have the luxury of saying, "We'll do something later". Alarming? Yes.

However, along with the now defunct fashion for climate denialism, an era of climate silence has indisputably ended. For fifteen years, Sallan has sustained its focus on work at the civic, urban and state scale in pursuit of ending climate silence and meeting its goals with objectives and strategies that respond to significant developments, emerging trends and challenges.

The Sallan Foundation website Archive provides a real-time history of a pivotal era in the climate movement. Its Executive Director Nancy Anderson and Board of Directors, Simon Wynn, Steven Newman, Jesse Gruman (2005–2014), Elizabeth Stein and Marc Brammer are confident its readers will make use of this historic record to forge informed and systemically effective climate action paths.

Throughout its active years, Sallan has been independent, small and nimble. Thus, it has been equipped to sharply target its focus on deepening public attention and engagement around the gravity and urgency of identifying emerging urban climate trends. It is our hope that this Archive will be Sallan's durable contribution to advancing a climate-secure and equitable future for all.

Columbia University Libraries Using Archive-It

The Sallan Foundation thanks the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at the Law School of Columbia University for facilitating this archive project with Columbia University Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library to include as part of their Avery Library Historic Preservation and Urban Planning collection. The Sabin Center is a beacon to everyone advancing essential legal climate analysis and engaged in mobilizing climate action.