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Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

You Can Lead A Horse To Data…

By: Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

August 14, 2018

Turning Data Into Action is a report on a mission. That mission is turning data about building energy use — submitted to New York City government by owners of large properties to comply with green building laws — into actions resulting in significant building energy savings. The report, issued by the Building Energy Exchange (BE-Ex), focuses on large multifamily buildings. It predicts, "Implementing recommended efficiency retrofits would immediately reduce multifamily energy use in NYC by 11% and have a simple payback of less than 6 years." and its target readership consists of, "Building decision makers, operators, contractors and policy makers."

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Jeffrey Gracer & Amy Turner

Together, New Yorkers Are Leading On Climate Change

September 04, 2018

By: Jeffrey Gracer & Amy Turner

These are discouraging times for those of us who used to expect that our federal government would exercise climate leadership. It's been a chronicle of attempted destruction from Washington, kicked off by President Trump's deeply divisive June 2017 announcement of his plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement and continuing in August 2018 with the proposal of Trump administration "replacements" for Obama-era fuel economy standards and the Clean Power Plan. If these most recent regulatory announcements survive court challenges, they would set back efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants from the transportation and power sectors. With this administration, we've seen funding cut for critical climate science programs, references to "climate change" deleted from federal agency websites, and cabinet-level denials of the basic science around our changing climate and extreme weather events.

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Sallan Executive Director Nancy Anderson Receives CSR Award

Nancy Anderson, the Executive Director of the Sallan Foundation, was honored to receive recognition for outstanding accomplishments in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the real estate and construction sector by City & State. City & State CSR honorees 2017

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