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Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

Cutting Carbon Is The New Black

August 23, 2016

By: Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

"You had me at hello", the famous line Renee Zelwegger used on Tom Cruise in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire, echoed the day I met Yeohlee Teng at her fashion-forward NYC shop, when she volunteered that local production of her clothes helped to "shrink her carbon footprint. She had me at "shrink".

Next thing I knew, I sat down for a chat with Yeohlee about her design practices, honed over a career going back to 1981, and read a book about her work. [1] Before that "shrink" moment, fashion, one of NYC's most storied industries, had meant "shopping" to me. Doing something about the city's carbon footprint and raising its sustainability quotient meant my professional work on advocacy and education around high performance buildings, renewable energy, growing good green jobs and smart infrastructure. Suddenly, new greener city vistas were opening to me and at a time where local and national attention is both riveted and riven over what kinds of jobs and what kind of society should we want to be building.

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Elizabeth Derry

How Mortgage Lenders Can Boost Sustainability

November 02, 2016

By: Elizabeth Derry

If you're like me then you've spent some serious time contemplating society's inertia of energy efficiency and carbon reduction. At summits and roundtables, practitioners, myself included, eagerly debate the viability of the newest "emerald bullet," whether it be new tech, codes, or policies that will finally catalyze large scale energy reduction. But what if the key to our low carbon future isn't something new, but something old and familiar, and as ubiquitous to American life as Sunday night football and pumpkin spice lattes?

Mortgage lending!

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