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Walking In Grids

NY Utilities Eager Over REV

Energy efficiency, customer engagement & distributed resources top NY utilities' application lists for REV demonstration projects

Supreme Court Blocks Pollution Action Plan

In a 5-4 decision the Supreme Court blocks EPA's rules for cutting mercury & other toxic emissions from coal-burning power plants

In the Media


Executive Director Nancy Anderson convened visionaries and pioneers in the emerging field of green finance at the New York Institute of Technology to get the word out about new tools for decarbonizing the power supply and boosting building energy performance — Innovations In Green Finance: Smart Money For Sustainable Cities.

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In The Carbon Age

Supreme Court Toxic Ruling - Meh

Why striking down the EPA mercury emission rule may be a 'pointless' Supreme Court decision

Paying The Price For Climate Inaction

As nations ramp up low-carbon climate actions stranded assets like coal mines will cost countries like Australia dearly

Why Wind Matters

Passing a MA offshore wind bill is necessary for the northeast & here's why


China: Stepping Up On Climate

Media reports China about to announce bold climate action steps

Australia: Everyone But Abbott

Business & labor, left & right back strong climate action & push-back on current government policies

Alberta: Carbon Tax Going Up

A center of oil production,Alberta, Canada, will double its carbon tax by 2017

In The House

Retrofitting Affordability Launch

Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

Getting Active On Passive House

I'm a fan of Passive House. Ever since visiting the top-to-bottom renovation job for an elegant 19th century home in Brooklyn Heights, the potential for constructing — or in this case reconstructing — urban buildings to keep occupants really comfortable year round without boiler heating or air conditioning in every room has been my yard stick to measure all other climate-friendly buildings.

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Marcia BystrynSnapshot

How New York City Can Deliver On Its Zero Waste Goal

On Earth Day, Mayor de Blasio presented a bold vision for a New York City that sends zero waste to landfills. This ambitious goal figured prominently into the sustainability section of his OneNYC plan. I believe we can get there, but it will require a great deal of focus and innovation.

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Sallan Events

There'll Be Some Changes Made

There'll Be Some Changes Made

9 September 2014

We are witnessing the realignment of NY's and the nation's energy system and its regulatory framework for a carbon constrained world in the face of disruptive technologies, new financial practices and novel user demands at the grid edge.

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How Knowledge Saves Power Panel

The Urban Energy Revolution

23 January 2014

How Knowledge Saves Power Panel sponsored by; NYIT, NYLCV, Friends of Benchmarking and Sallan, convened experts who all agree that LL84 may not be perfect but has created positive momentum for change and a bright future for benchmarking.

Michael Bobker, Adam Hinge, Jonathan Flaherty, Ari Frankel and Conor Laver make the case.

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The Urban Energy Revolution

The Urban Energy Revolution

28 Sept. 2012

The Infrastructure Panel sponsored by; NYIT, NYC ACRE, NYLCV, NYECC, Pace Energy & Climate Center and Sallan, considers fast forwarding to a time when cities rely on decentralized systems for heating, cooling and electricity.

Now we know — rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy's devastation means a fundamental rethinking.

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Atlantic Wind Power Panel

Wind Power In New York

21 May 2012

Held at NYIT, the Atlantic Wind Power Panel sponsored by Cleantech Corridor, McCarter & English and the Sallan Foundation, considered New York's prospects for offshore wind energy.

Is Atlantic Wind Energy in Our Future? Sallan is using Storify to stay up-to-date.

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Market Makers

Market Makers: Event Two
The New Energy-Efficient Building Toolkit

15 November 2011

Making Green History By Doing It

Learn how New York property owners, tenants and retrofit teams are leading the way toward making energy efficiency the hallmark of big city real-estate and helping Gotham thrive.

Market Makers

Market Makers: Event One
Developing & Deploying Energy Efficiency Technology

20 September 2011

An exploration of the emergence and growth of New York City's clean tech sector via case studies on green building advances and efficiency technologies — an Official Event of Climate Week NY°C 2011 — took place at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Reimagining Metropolis

Re-imagining the Metropolis:
Visions For A Near Future

26 April 2011

Now, we must accelerate our pace — in understanding and rethinking city functions — to reinvent the metropolis. In this final forum of our series, panelists explored how New York will be challenged and may be transformed by emerging trends.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis:
Revolution is No Joke

2 Feb. 2011

A Banker, A Lawyer & An Underwriter Walk Into A Bar — our 3rd event of a 4-part series — got serious about developing the means to assign monetary value to high performance properties, tracking and comparing their performance as well as tackling thorny issues of code enforcement and LEEDigation.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis:
Making it Happen

30 Nov. 2010

Our second event of a four part series on high performance building in New York City zeroed in on public policy developments, private sector innovation and how they have intersected over the last half-decade.

Reimagining Metropolis

Reimagining the Metropolis:
The Big Picture

28 Oct. 2010

Our sold-out first event at the AIA New York Center for Architecture conveyed the Big Picture — a wide-angle view of what has been achieved, what's been learned and what's next for New York City's revolution in high performance building.

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High Rise, Low Impact
8 Jul
Join us in exploring the design and material choices that can be made to reduce the impact of the dynamic structures, shaping our modern skylines.
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