Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

Getting Active On Passive House

I'm a fan of Passive House. Ever since visiting the top-to-bottom renovation job for an elegant 19th century home in Brooklyn Heights, the potential for constructing — or in this case reconstructing — urban buildings to keep occupants really comfortable year round without boiler heating or air conditioning in every room has been my yard stick to measure all other climate-friendly buildings.

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Lauren KurtzSnapshot

Climate Scientists in the Crosshairs

The scientific method is based on the belief that research results should be subjected to the utmost scrutiny. But this principle can be turned on its head and scientists operating in politically controversial areas, particularly climate science, have been attacked by ideologically motivated groups trying any means possible to discredit, distract, and intimidate.

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In the Media

Taxi Of The Future — Not Even The Taxi Of Today

Nissan's NV200, the Taxi of Tomorrow, has arrived. In a city that claims to care about climate change, Sallan joins with New York Times readers to comment that new taxi standards don't do a thing to get ahead of business as usual for vehicle emissions.

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Subway Reading

3.04 Trillion

There are lots & lots more trees on Earth than previously thought

Christie On Climate - Breathless

Breathing, according to Governor Christie, is one cause of climate change (he denies saying it)

Fossil Fuel CEO's Big Bucks

Facts & figures on executive compensation in the fossil fuel industry


Indian Solar Plant, Chinese Partner

A factory to make solar cell modules is slated for India with partnership with a Chinese firm

Asia: Clinging To Coal

Fossil Fuels Losing Market Edge

As solar & wind energy prices drop, fossil fuels risk loss of dominance

In The Carbon Age

Carbon Tax Brawl

Don't miss the red-hot climate debate over the potency & probability of a US carbon tax

Utility Scale Solar Power - Hrumph

Based on Ivanpah, California's jumbo solar power project, the debate is on over the future of this renewable energy technology

Bigger Is Better

True or false? a few big urban parks have more impact than numerous small green spaces

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Since 2012, HPD’s Green Policy has required all new construction & substantial rehabilitation projects to comply with the 2011 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Certification Overlay. Now, Enterprise releases the 2015 Certification Overlay for NYC HPD projects and invites you to learn how it works September 2nd OR 3rd
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