Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

Beat The Extreme Heat

OK, writing about scorching hot weather in December may seem a bit odd, but bear with me...

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Richard C. YanceySnapshot

Actively Passive

Passive House startled me. Despite working for the nonprofit Building Energy Exchange, preaching the virtues of energy efficiency to New York City's real estate community, my first experience of a Passive House was indelible.

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In the Media

Energy Storage: The Trifecta

Big city building owners are deploying 'behind the meter' energy storage technologies that make dollars and sense, enhance asset resilience and take pressure off the power grid. Nancy tweets about the @Beex panel "Behind the Meter: Energy Storage at Different Scales"

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Subway Reading

They're Not Moved

Critics don't desire the Brooklyn-Queens streetcar proposed by Mayor de Blasio

Pants On Fire

Did Exxon/Mobil lie to its investor about the material risks posed to them by climate change?

There Ought To Be A Map For That

Explore NYC's newest interactive map of building energy and water use benchmarking info


Multi-Tasking Street Lights

What can street lights do besides lighting streets?

Australia: Kill The Climate Messenger

Government budget cuts mean unemployment for climate research scientists in Australia

Fears For UN Eco-Investment Bank

International donors fear that without a 'paradigm shift' the UN-sponsored bank to help poor countries tackle climate change will not succeed

In The Carbon Age

Amory Lovins: Emerging Energy Economics

Like all commodities, oil prices can gyrate wildly, but wind & solar are something else and just like energy services companies replacing utilities as commodity sellers, that's good news

The Fashion Page

How hair stylists can advance the cause of climate protection

On The Brooklyn Waterfront

What's delaying plans for the Greenpoint Monitor Museum & the Bushwick waterfront park?

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Stay current! Leading practitioners, regulators, and professors from New York City and Albany will review the past year’s most significant developments in New York State environmental law
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