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Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

Hyper Objects In A Time Of Hyper Politics

March 16, 2017

By: Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

"After Nature" is an exhibit of ice sheets and shoreline bedazzled photographs taken by artist Justin Brice Guariglia from a NASA research plane. It displays instants in time of a frozen Greenland that looks eternal, but which is undergoing profound climate-caused disruptions. What's captured in his photographs — many printed on indestructible Styrofoam — has already changed. What's unseen, but key to the meaning of "After Nature" is the idea that climate change is a "hyperobject", something that doesn't exist in just one place or at one time.

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Mark Ginsberg with J Russell Beaumont

Start To Prepare Today For Adopting Passive House Tomorrow

March 01, 2017

By: Mark Ginsberg with J Russell Beaumont

The City of New York has a binding goal of 80% carbon reduction from 2005 levels by 2050. Because buildings consume 75% of energy used in New York City, creating more energy-efficient buildings will be essential for meeting this goal. Mayor de Blasio has pointed to the Passive House (PH) standard [1] as one of the few building energy standards capable of delivering the results to meet carbon reduction goals.[2] PH also creates resiliency by creating buildings that are less dependent on heating and cooling systems to maintain suitable indoor temperatures[3] While PH or an equivalent will likely be incorporated into the City's building codes, making this transition happen smoothly requires planning.

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