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Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

Energy Democracy Rising

February 11, 2016

By: Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.

Sociologists who study social movements grapple with characterizing their subject matter. For some, movements arise to solve problems by way of executing specific agendas. Others postulate that problem-solving agendas can emerge for groups that started out in search of solutions to another problem. Today's quest for "energy democracy" in cities like New York is arising from a social movement matrix demanding more affordable housing as it finds common cause with urban climate movement activists and professionals calling for energy efficiency buildings and replacing fossil fuels for heating, cooling and electricity, with renewable energy.

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Jon Lukomnik

It's Taken 500 Years For Corporate Environmental Reporting To Be On The Edge of Maturity

May 10, 2016

By: Jon Lukomnik

We're on the eve of a new dawn in environmental reporting by companies and investors. Some may think that's a bold prediction. Just a few months ago Ernst & Young and the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute concluded that only slightly more than half of large, publicly-traded American companies even list climate change as a risk. And, for those that do, "disclosures often are generic and do not provide clear, concise and insightful information... a listing of generic risks."

So why do I think it's about to change? First, there is now a body of information reported and able to be analyzed. Second, mainstream investment houses like Goldman Sachs are building billions of dollars in investment products that rely on environmental data. They are not about to let disclosure backslide. Third, heavyweight members of the financial establishment — including Bloomberg LP founder Michael Bloomberg, former SEC Chair Mary Schapiro and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney — are committed to making it happen.

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