The Sallan Foundation 2005–2019

The Sallan Foundation archive project housed within the ARCHIVE-IT online collection of Columbia University Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library provides a real-time history of a pivotal era in the climate movement. It is our hope that this archive will be Sallan's durable contribution to advancing a climate-secure and equitable future for all.

The Sallan Foundation 2019–2020

The United States faced a stark choice —the election of a new administration or a continued assault on climate science and capable climate action. Sallan made the decision to continue advancing useful knowledge for greener cities during this historic time.

Nancy E. Anderson Associates

Nancy E. Anderson, Ph.D. has started a new venture. After 16 years as the Executive Director of the Sallan Foundation, Nancy is launching Nancy E. Anderson Associates. Its mission is to further advance useful knowledge for greener cities through targeted messaging and strategic partnering.