Subway Reading

Where Carbon Neutrality Is Tasty

What's one Brookllyn restaurant doing to go carbon neutral?

2nd City Is Better Than Gold

Walk The Walk

The long-derided Sheridan Expressway will be transformed into a Bronx boulevard welcoming to pedestrian + bike riders


London : UPS Delivers On EVs

What's green + brown + delivers packages around London?

Hospitals Pledge For Climate Health

17,000 hospitals + clinics pledge to cut their carbon emissions + reduce the greatest health threat of this century, climate chaos

It's Unnatural

In The Carbon Age

The Little Energy Innovation Engine That Could

Nimbly avoiding Trump's budget ax, ARPA-E continues to support leading-edge energy research, for example long term energy storage tech

Drafting The Energy Storage Roadmap

NY begins to chart a path for energy storage development, initial comments from service providers + energy consumers

Portland: "Gentle Density"

Bigger buildings + smaller homes is the planning recommendation to Portland, Oregon leaders for greater urban sustainability

Trending Green

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Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

You Can Lead A Horse To Data…

Turning Data Into Action is a report on a mission. That mission is turning data about building energy use into actions resulting in significant building energy savings.

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Jeffrey Gracer & Amy TurnerSnapshot

Together, New Yorkers Are Leading On Climate Change

These are discouraging times for those of us who used to expect that our federal government would exercise climate leadership. We may not have the guidance, or even the backing, of our current federal government, but we have the optimism, grit and determination that New Yorkers bring to all important challenges.

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In the Media

Passive House Real Estate Makes News

Sallan gives NYT Joyce Cohen the thumbs up for featuring an efficient home in Harlem in THE HUNT column.

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Sallan Sponsored Event
Fighting Back Against Attacks On Climate Science
24 Sep
Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets which have far exceeded the capacity of the room, Columbia University has decided to livestream our Official Event of Climate Week NYC 2018. Tune in Mon. Sept. 24 at 6:30PM for panel discussion on why climate science has become part of the US culture wars + how to restore the voice + credibility of science as an irreplaceable guide to public policy making as well as private decision making
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Voices from the Frontlines of Climate Change
26 Sep
Join this panel discussion + storytelling event for sharing stories from the frontlines of communities impacted by climate change + exploring how legal action can help advance climate justice. Register now for this Climate Week NYC event
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Climate Solutions For Affordable Housing In NYC
27 Sep
Buildings, the source of approximately 70% of NYC’s greenhouse gas emissions, constitute a big opportunity for emissions cuts. How do we achieve this in a manner that is equitable, inclusive + maintains tenant affordability? Join the conversation
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The Energy Gang Live
4 Oct
Come listen to a lively conversation + debate with some of the top thinkers + writers in clean energy
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Around Town
5 Oct
A growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities + others will showcase the benefits of energy efficiency during the 3rd annual nationwide Energy Efficiency Day October 5
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