Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

Climate Action Meets The Piecemeal Problem

Meeting NYC's legal mandate to cut its carbon footprint 80% by 2050 is a tall — and essential — order. To cite Benjamin Franklin, "Never confuse motion with action."

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Robert MuldoonSnapshot

Building Operator Training In The Time Of Climate Change

Among the potential leaders of our climate change era are the operating staff of the many thousands of buildings across New York City. With NYC ramping up initiatives to make buildings more efficient, the role of management and building staff increases in making these efforts a success.

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In the Media

One Way Or Another

Paris, France 4th ManifestationClearly Macron's regressive diesel tax hike hit a nerve... MA Gov. Charlie Baker proposes an estimated $137 million annual increase in the excise tax paid on real estate transfers which shifts the tax burden to high priced real estate instead.

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Subway Reading

State Senate Takes Up Climate Bill

A bill mandating 100% renewable energy + climate equity gets its first NY State Senate hearing

Greening Your Cleaning

Tips for cleaning up your laundry routines

Congestion Pricing Now - Or Not

The state of play for passing a congestion pricing law in Albany this year


EU: Wind Power Becalmed

While wind now provides 14% of the EU's electric power, public policy + permitting pose problems for growth

London: EV's For London Cabbies

With high demand, the Mayor of London increases funding to convert the taxi fleet to electric vehicles

Planet: Hot January

While one month of data is not proof of a trend, January 2019 was the 3rd hottest since 1880

In The Carbon Age

Why Mass Transit Ridership's Down

Lack of access + bad service + more car ownership = depressed urban mass transit ridership, can this trend be changed?

Our Environment And Our Infrastructure 1/2

Do no environmental harm + protect natural systems when upgrading infrastructure

What If The US Can't Build The Infrastructure It Needs 2/2

Is the fiasco of the California high-speed rail project a sign that the US is not up to the GND promise of modernizing + greening its vital infrastructure?

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