Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

What's The Rush?

It's spreading fast — the idea that rush hour on NYC mass transit has got to go for NYC to start up again and get back its mojo. Sounds right to me. But the end of rush hour means quickly moving the city in a direction never before conjured up even in utopian fever dreams.

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Charles KomanoffSnapshot

The Big Shrug — Disappearing Bill de Blasio and the Fall of New York

No one today remembers Abe Beame, whose frail 1973–77 mayoralty was sandwiched between John Lindsay's tumultuous two terms and Ed Koch's combative three. Now, in Beame's footsteps trudges Bill de Blasio.

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In the Media

Get A Move on It Zoom Webinar

The Schack Institute's Barry Hersh hosted webinar, Get A Move on It: Transportation, Sustainability and Real Estate in the time of COVID, via Zoom with Nancy Anderson + Robert Paaswell as featured panelists on July 7, 2020. NYU Schack recorded it + has made it available.

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Subway Reading

Immobilizing Mass Transit

Disappearing mass transit ridership + plummeting revenues makes federal funding more important than ever, but that doesn't mean help is on the way

Don't Zero Out Zero-Waste Goals

Defunding NYC's organics waste collection in the 2021 budget, doesn't have to mean closing the books on zero waste programs + goals

Most Polluted Then, Most Polluted Now

The most air-polluted US communities in 1981 are likely still the most polluted today when it comes to health-risking fine particles

Trending Green

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In The Carbon Age

Dire Climate Prediction Looks Robust

The possibility is strong that high end climate crisis temperature predictions are "the most realistic for planning purposes"

Heat Pumps Are Electrifying

Will the goal of climate-friendly buildings be best served by installing electric pumps that both heat + provide hot water?

EV's On The Move

Price parity predicted for electric cars compared to gas-powered vehicles by 2025, as electric trucks + agricultural equipment start advancing


Germany: Electric Highways

Electric highways starting to pass the laugh test in Germany, with the possibility of a 4,000 K autobahn

Bangladesh: Cyclones, Floods, Poverty

With 25% of the nation flooded, Bangladeshis suffer from weird weather + climate conditions not of their making

Guatamala: Climate Migration Now, Other Places Soon

While projections for 2070 climate migration are terrifying, climate displacement has already started in nations like Guatamala

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Carbon Emissions Calculator for LL97
10 Aug
LL 97, NYC's ambitious building energy efficiency retrofit statute will get a compliance boost with a new calculation tool. Get ahead of the compliance curve, sign up for the demonstration
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Around Town
The Heat Is On: The Climate Imperative
18 Aug
The world will soon face warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius, perhaps as soon as 2024--ruling out some of the milder climate-change scenarios. Get the latest insights about what a hotter planet will mean for people, ecosystems + the international community
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Around Town
A NYC Climate Mobilization Act Primer
19 Aug
Get the scoop on NYC climate legislation + its impact on buildings. The Climate Mobilization Act Primer webinar will examine the basic principles of this ambitious NYC law + offer actionable guidance for building decision makers
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Around Town
Climate Week NYC 2020
27 Sep
Although the Sallan Foundation will not be hosting a Climate Week event this year, we look forward to attending + meeting you there, virtually. September 21–27
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