Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

Where Do We Go From Here?

First, take a deep breath and repeat when needed, "To be truly radical is to make hope possible, not despair convincing". Now, let's take a virtual tour of the landscape for climate hope.

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Charles KomanoffSnapshot

Almost Unnoticed, Flat Electricity Demand Is Crushing U.S. Carbon Emissions

In a stark change from the last century, U.S. electricity usage has barely budged since 2005. The flattening of power production is a big but unheralded reason that carbon emissions from the U.S. electricity sector have nosedived.

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In the Media

What Every State Needs To Know Now

While the Trump Administration might ignore this Treasury Department paper spelling out a methodology for estimating the revenue + effects of a carbon tax, every state should pay careful attention. Citizens should too. Could come in handy.

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Subway Reading

Freezing Out Energy Efficiency

The freeze on federal rule-making puts the fate of near-final standards for reducing energy use, while cutting both consumer bills + GHGs at risk

Administrations Come And Go...

...The social costs of carbon remain

Community Solar v PSC

Why are NY community solar activists challenging a Public Service Commission proposal?


Australia: The Trump Effect

The Australian government flirts with axing its renewable energy target, if the US exits the Paris climate accord

Scotland: Let's Decarbonize

Industry leaders urge the Scottish government to decarbonize the energy system

Cities: Where The Future Happens First

Regarding climate action, the Mayor of Paris writes, "If we cannot rely on the leadership of nations in these crucial four years, then mayors, chief executives, scientists, entrepreneurs + citizens will bear the burden instead. The consequences of failure are too dire and the opportunities for us to succeed are simply too great."

In The Carbon Age

Higher Math: Solar Trade Tariffs

Calculating the winners + losers of higher US tariffs on Chinese solar panels is complicated

Now More Than Ever

Don't let the DT administration disrupt the climate action campaign, urges Bill McKibben

NY To Obama: Thanks For The Legacy

Obama's environmental legacy will benefit New Yorkers for year to come

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