Nancy Anderson, Ph.D.Torchlight

Energy Democracy Rising

By happy coincidence two conferences early this year might be omens of a social movement that will be animated by discovering a shared problem: New York's unaffordable housing crisis, driven in part by the expensive, polluting ways we heat, cool and light the homes of low-income residents.

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Jon LukomnikSnapshot

It's Taken 500 Years For Corporate Environmental Reporting To Be On The Edge of Maturity

We're on the eve of a new dawn in environmental reporting by companies and investors. Some may think that's a bold prediction. So why do I think it's about to change?

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In the Media

Caution: Flammable Material

Securities Disclosures and Climate Change The Securities Disclosures and Climate Change in View of Peabody and ExxonMobil forum did a deep dive into New York's actions and the efforts of the SEC and the Financial Stability Board's Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures concerning corporate climate transparency. Nancy was there and tweeted live.

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Subway Reading

Week's Best Quote

In his energy policy speech Trump said "We will work with conservationists whose only concern is protecting nature." & journalists Cushman & Hirji observed,"He did not elaborate on where the line might be drawn between nature and the planet's climate."

Climate Activists' ExxonMobil Strategies

For climate activists what works best, advocating disinvestment or using stock ownership to prod the firm in new directions?

Time For Another NYC Bike Expo


The Only Home We Have

Poland: Sucks Air Out Of Wind Power

The coal-embracing Polish government limits development options for wind power

Ireland: Trump Seeks Rising Seas Protection

Trump seeks to construct a sea-wall to protect his Irish golf course from "global warming & its effects"

In The Carbon Age

Trump's Energy Policy Speech

The takeaway

Zoning: Flawed Power Tool

Readers comment on a New York Times article reporting 40% of Manhattan buildings could not have been erected with today's zoning rules

Weighing The Alternatives

Making the case (a bit reluctantly) for step-wise climate incrementalism rather than the big binding international deal

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