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Getting Active On Passive House

I'm a fan of Passive House. Ever since visiting the top-to-bottom renovation job for an elegant 19th century home in Brooklyn Heights, the potential for constructing — or in this case reconstructing — urban buildings to keep occupants really comfortable year round without boiler heating or air conditioning in every room has been my yard stick to measure all other climate-friendly buildings.

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Marcia BystrynSnapshot

How New York City Can Deliver On Its Zero Waste Goal

On Earth Day, Mayor de Blasio presented a bold vision for a New York City that sends zero waste to landfills. This ambitious goal figured prominently into the sustainability section of his OneNYC plan. I believe we can get there, but it will require a great deal of focus and innovation.

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In the Media


Executive Director Nancy Anderson convened visionaries and pioneers in the emerging field of green finance at the New York Institute of Technology to get the word out about new tools for decarbonizing the power supply and boosting building energy performance — Innovations In Green Finance: Smart Money For Sustainable Cities.

Take a look at our Event Wrap-up

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Subway Reading

Pittsburgh: There's A Robot In The Sewer

Pittsburgh deploys a robot in its sewer system to inspect for leaks & save water

Help Wanted: Artist-in-Residence

The Lower East Side Ecology Center is looking for an Artist-in-Residence

Foam: RIP

NYC bans most foam packaging


Germany: A Tesla Alternative

A German wind-to-hydrogen system could soon be powering a new kind of clean fuel car

Germany: Brown Coal Phase Out

By 2020, Germany will stop burning brown coal, which now creates 2.7 GW of electricity

China: Carbon Market Weak Start

Will problems with China's 7 pilot carbon emissions markets be solved once the national market is launched?

In The Carbon Age

Cool Website For For House Hunters

Now London home-hunters & owners are just a click away from data on air pollution exposure

New US Business Trend

Nearly 55% of large US businesses now generate some of their (green or not) power on site to cut costs & boost competitive advantages

Science At Work: Energy Efficiency Metric

The power of consumers to control their energy consumption could get a boost with new metrics

In The House

Retrofitting Affordability Launch

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High Rise, Low Impact
8 Jul
Join us in exploring the design and material choices that can be made to reduce the impact of the dynamic structures, shaping our modern skylines.
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Billion Oyster Celebration
14 Jul
Why celebrate Bastille Day when you can join the Billion Oyster celebration and take the tour!
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NYC Archaeology Tour
26 Jul
Tour the remnants of the first Penn Station & see a play about the untold story of the station's destruction
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Designing For Disaster
15 Aug
National Building Museum exhibit examines how we assess risks from natural hazards and how we can create policies, plans, and designs yielding safer, more disaster-resilient communities.
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