Photos and Video from Kilowatts for Cash Event

Sustainable Shoptalk Series: Kilowatts to Cash

On June 5th the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute held the third Sustainability Shoptalk, "Kilowatts to Cash," at the William and Anita Newman Conference Center high atop Baruch's Newman vertical campus on Lexington Avenue.

Cost is often perceived as a barrier to achieving energy efficiency gains. With NYC government proposing new laws mandating greater energy efficiency — and in a tough economy — it becomes even more urgent to tackle cost issues head on. Experts took a hardheaded, "green-eyeshades" look at looming compliance issues, the financial resources that New York City property owners can tap for energy efficiency projects, and the benefits they can reap.

The workshop was broken out into two parts.

Part I — Welcoming remarks by Jack S. Nyman, Director, The Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute; Panel One: Compliance moderated by Nancy Anderson, PhD, Executive Director, The Sallan Foundation.

Part II — Panel Two: Challenges, Opportunities, Experience moderated by Ashok Gupta, Air and Energy Program Director and Senior Energy Economist, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC); Reflections & outlook by Ashok Gupta; and Concluding remarks by Jack S. Nyman.

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